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CRS MISION Africa social performance managementCRS' MISION Africa Social Performance Management
This video demonstrates the application of the Balanced Scorecard tool, a strategic management system that helps organizations understand and work toward their mission.


CRS MISION Africa VideoCRS' MISION Africa Video
This CRS MISION Africa video shows how our partners in Ethiopia have applied the Grameen Foundation’s Progress out of Poverty Index to help achieve their social mission to serve the poor and to positively change the lives of their clients.


Private service providers: A new approach for savings groupsPrivate service providers: A new approach for savings groups
Catholic Relief Services is using a new model that allows market forces to replace subsidies. This is redefining sustainability and helping the poor to take charge of their own development.


Agriculture for Basic Needs
CRS' Agriculture for Basic Needs project is helping families in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador protect their assets and grow their income.

     Recipe for Success: Nelly's Story
CRS El Salvador's Youth Build project helps youth from tough neighborhoods in El Salvador start their own small businesses. See how one young woman turned her kitchen into a bakery and is helping to support her family be selling bread.
     The Sabor Amigo Challenge: Ludvig's Story
Youth in CRS' Youth Build El Salvador, a program that helps young people from some of the country's toughest neighborhoods find jobs, take on the challenge of entrepreneurship.
     From Cora to Cora: Cristina's Story
Comprised mostly of woman, community savings groups give people a way to build savings, access credit and invest in their families' future. See how one young one woman in San Salvador takes a leading role in bringing her neighborhood together to save.
     Using SILC to drive agroenterprise development in Ghana
Kris Ozar, the head of CRS programs in Ghana, discusses how the power of savings and lending communities is being harnessed to drive agroenterprise development in Ghana, based on a study by Robert Asombobillah.
     Conducting SILC Meetings
What are the steps involved in holding a Savings and Internal Lending Community (SILC) meeting? This video explains the SILC methodology, an innovative way of bringing financial services to rural communities.
     Guy Vanmeenen on SILC and OVC
Guy Vanmeenen, Senior Technical Advisor for Microfinance (CRS Kenya), gives a lecture on using Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC) as a tool to help build self-reliance in Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC).

OVC Economic Strengthening Workshop
This video provides a summary of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children and Economic Strengthening Workshop.


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