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     The GAVI CSO Project: Saving children's lives and protecting people's health by increasing access to immunization
CRS is working with the GAVI Alliance and a constituency of civil society organizations to strengthen civil society engagement in the health sector of 14 countries.

     How a CRS program lowered child malnutrition in Southern Haiti
CRS and community volunteers have set up rally posts, strengthened health centers and created mothers’ clubs to reduce the child malnutrition rate in Southern Haiti.

     La salud es también cosa de hombres (The health of the family is also men's work)
In Latin America, Catholic Relief Services is encouraging men to become more involved in child care and maternal health.

     How mobile phones can lead to better health for expectant mothers
In India, CRS is equipping community health workers with mobile phones to provide better care to women during pregnancy.

     How volunteers are helping households learn about nutrition in Malawi
The Care Group model is a strategy that uses a network of thousands of volunteers to reach out to targeted households with key health and nutrition messages.

     How CRS is fighting cholera in Haiti

CRS is part of a consortium of organizations working to help people combat cholera, an illness that has taken thousands of lives and overwhelmed hospitals still reeling from the earthquake.