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Kisa MUSO Plus la ye? Li yon fason nan yon kominote ka travay ansamn pou fe plis ekonomi, jwenn posiblite fe kredi, epi pemet kominote sila-yo gen tet kole ansamn.

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Saving and Internal Lending Communities: An Approach for Improving Life and Wellbeing of PLWHA and OVC

CRS/Rwanda has integrated SILC across programming in projects such as agriculture, health, nutrition and HIV & AIDS since 2005. Recently, 942 SILC groups saved a total of $128,473 and provided $34,463 in loans to help members meet household and productive needs.

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Best Nutrition Practices Promoted by Community Health Volunteers for PLWHA and OVC

Malnutrition is not always due to food unavailability but is often the result of misutilization as people may not be sufficiently educated about how to maximize their nutritional status. Ibyiringiro is a five-year project that is focused on food and nutrition intervention for PLWHA and OVC in Rwanda.

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Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC)

The key to helping Zimbabwean orphans, vulnerable children and youth

Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC) are helping youth in Zimbabwe develop basic skills in financial management. Youth participating in SILC are also learning to appreciate the importance of saving for emergencies and investments. This poster outlines how the SILC process works and how it is being used by youth in Zimbabwe.

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