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Rapid Economic Feasibility Study in Guatemala

   This study assesses smallholder opportunities in the cardamom, cinnamon, macadamia, and nutmeg value chains in Guatemala. It provides information on how each of these crops is currently integrated into existing farming systems and how they can be further developed to improve economic, environmental, and social outcomes.

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1. List of Acronyms iv
2. Introduction 1
2.1 Background 1
2.2 Overview 1
3. Agroecological Suitability and Key Growing Regions 4
3.1 Cardamom Growing Conditions and Regions 5
3.2 Cinnamon Growing Conditions and Regions 6
3.2 Cinnamon Growing Conditions and Regions 6
3.3 Macadamia Growing Conditions and Regions 7
3.4 Nutmeg Growing Conditions and Regions 9
4. Economic Feasibility Diagnostic 12
4.1 Cardamom Economic Feasibility 13
4.2 Cinnamon Economic Feasibility 18
4.3 Macadamia Economic Feasibility 26
4.4 Nutmeg Economic Feasibility 12
4.5 Summary of Estimated Cash Flows in U.S. Dollars 30
5. Smallholder Challenges and Opportunities 31
5.1 Cardamom Challenges and Opportunities 32
5.2 Cinnamon Challenges and Opportunities 33
5.3 Macadamia Challenges and Opportunities 34
5.4 Nutmeg Challenges and Opportunities 35
6. Processing and Value-Addition Opportunities and Actors 37
6.1 Cardamom Processing and Value Addition 38
6.2 Cinnamon Processing and Value Addition 41
6.3 Macadamia Processing and Value Addition 42
6.4 Nutmeg Processing and Value Addition 43


Publication details

Authors: Catholic Relief Services
Publisher: Catholic Relief Services (May 2014)
Report: 52 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches

Posted on May 9, 2014

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