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How-to Guide: Promoting Education for All in Conservative Areas 


This guide promotes education for all in conservative areas, outlining a step-by-step process for bringing about positive change at the community level based on CRS Pakistan’s experience in working with religious leaders, communities, and schools. It is part of CRS’ ‘How-to’ guide series, which allows CRS country programs and their local implementing partners to highlight and share elements of their work that have been particularly successful and that have potential relevance across projects and borders.

The guide is divided into three sections:

1. How to engage religious leaders to promote education
2. How to build the capacity of parents and teachers to manage and promote education in their communities
3. How to ensure necessary linkages between government and communities

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Letter from CRS Education Unit 4
Letter from CRS/Pakistan Country Representative 5
Introduction 6

I. How to Engage Religious Leaders to Promote Education
Phase 1: Work with religious leaders to identify key religious messages for community mobilization around education for boys and girls 12
Phase 2: Include religious leaders in key education promotion activities to encourage community acceptance and support 16

II. How to Build the Capacity of Parents and Teachers to Manage and Promote Education in Their Communities
Phase 1: Form or reactivate PTCs through a community-based process that ensures proper representation and understanding of roles and responsibilities 21
Phase 2: Engage PTCs and community members in key education promotion activities to encourage community acceptance and support of formal education 25
Phase 3: Facilitate formation of mothers’ groups to complement the PTCs with the voices and concerns of women 30

III. How to Ensure Necessary Linkages Between Government and Communities
Phase 1: Facilitate the monitoring of schools by Department of Education officials to improve community coordination and ensure quality education 35
Phase 2: Support stronger links between existing government bodies and PTCs to ensure better communication on school management and education promotion 36

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Publication details

Key contributors: Michaela Egger, Joanna Olsen, Anne Sellers, and the CRS Besham Team
Publisher: Catholic Relief Services (March 2014)
Guide: 40 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

Posted on March 11, 2014

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