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Extractives and Equity: An Introductory Overview and Case Studies from Peru, Angola and Nigeria

Promoting equity has been a pillar of CRS’ Justice and Peacebuilding strategy. This is because sustainable peace requires a foundation of justice. Working on conflicts associated with extractive industries has become a priority. The challenges related to oil, gas, smelting and mining operations are critical and growing ever more complex. This publication provides an overview of extractive industries and CRS’ involvement with this issue. It discusses common economic, governance, environmental and public health impacts of poorly managed extractive industries at the local and national levels as well as their links with conflict. The case studies describe the programmatic responses by CRS, the Church and other partners to address these factors and improve equity in Peru, Angola and Nigeria.

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Foreword and Acknowledgments v
Extractive Industries and Equity 1
Introduction 1
Challenges Posed by Extractive Industries 4
Inequity 5
Responses 9
CRS and Partner Approaches 16
Moving Forward 23
About the Author 24
Peru: Environmental Health as an Equity Issue 27
Introduction 28
Background 28
Nature and the Course of the Conflict 31
Nature of the Interventions or Actions 39
Effects of Civil Society Actions 44
Factors Responsible for the Effects 47
Lessons Learned 50
Interview Respondents 52
About the Author 53
Angola: Can Oil and Diamonds Serve the Common Good? 55
Introduction 56
A Legacy of Conflict, Power, Wealth and Poverty 58
Church Action in Angola 60
Effects of the EJP 66
Factors Responsible for the Effects 72
Lessons Learned 74
Interview Respondents 77
About the Authors 77
Nigeria: Increasing Equity in Oil Communities 81
Introduction 82
Nature and Course of the Conflict 86
Nature of Interventions 91
Effects of Interventions 96
Factors Responsible for the Effects 100
Lessons Learned 104
Interview Respondents 107
About the Authors 107
Bibliography 108


Publication details

Volume editors: Tom Bamat, Aaron Chassy, Rees Warne
Contributors: Sylvia Croese, Barbara Fraser, Stephanie French, Søren Kirk Jensen, Christopher O'Connor, Joseph Shopade, Rees Warne
Publisher: Catholic Relief Services (November 2011)
Book: 122 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 7 x 10 inches

Updated on November 30, 2012

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