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Guidance for Implementing Station Days

A Child-Centered Monitoring and Evaluation Tool

Station Days is a child-friendly M&E field activity that assists project staff who have historically been involved in projects targeting orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) to appreciate and understand the critical issues affecting beneficiaries’ lives. This participatory activity targets children aged 10 and above. The data collected through Station Days is used to effectively measure project outputs, outcomes and impacts. Making M&E activities enjoyable for children ensures they will want to participate, which in turn improves the quality of data received. Information gathered at Station Days has proven to be consistent, reliable, comparable and much simpler to collect than data collected from other methods. More importantly though, Station Days are designed to be fun and exciting so that children appreciate and enjoy the activity. This guide explains the overall Station Days methodology and provides project managers with concrete steps to develop and implement their own version of Station Days appropriate to their country and cultural context.

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Introduction to Child Participation 1
Child Participation in Monitoring and Evaluation 1
Overview and Background 1
Objective 2
Station Day Preparation 3
Station Descriptions 6
Suggested Materials to Be Used During the Station Day 10
Making the Most of Station Days 10
Monitoring and Evaluation Tools 11
Reporting Results and Writing Recommendations 14
Conclusion 15
Annex A: Sample Registration Form 19
Annex B: Sample Ticket 20
Annex C: Sample Clinic Station M&E Tool 21
Annex D: Sample Counseling Station M&E Tool 23
Annex E: Sample School Station M&E Tool (In-School) 25
Annex F: Sample School Station M&E Tool (Out of School) 27
Annex G: Suggested Themes for Data Collection 28
Annex H: Active Listening Techniques 30
References 32

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