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Seed Aid for Seed Security 

Advice for Practitioners

Seed-based agricultural recovery is more complex than commonly assumed. These ten practice briefs offer advice on how to sustain and strengthen seed systems during disaster response and recovery periods. Up-to-date technical information addresses issues such as introducing new varieties, protecting agrobiodiversity, and exploiting market opportunities during periods of acute and chronic stress. Specific aid-response tools are also offered, including methods for assessing seed system security, guidelines for learning-focused evaluations, and checklists to ensure quality in seed-aid proposal development. The briefs were prepared by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture and Catholic Relief Services, with CARE Norway.

  1. Who Are We and What Do We Do?  PDF (243 KB) | Read online
  2. Overview of Seed Systems under Stress Project  PDF (257 KB) | Read online
  3. Understanding Seed Security  PDF (260 KB) | Read online
  4. Agrobiodiversity and Seed Relief  PDF (257 KB) | Read online
  5. Using Seed Aid to Give Farmers Access to Seed of New Varieties  PDF (251 KB) | Read online
  6. Understanding Seed Systems Used by Small Farmers in Africa: Focus on Markets  PDF (250 KB) | Read online
  7. Assessing Seed System Security  PDF (242 KB) | Read online
  8. Seed Relief Responses: An Overview  PDF (242 KB) | Read online
  9. The Power of Evaluation  PDF (260 KB) | Read online
  10. Developing a Seed-Aid Proposal: A Rapid Review Checklist for Practitioners  PDF (262 KB) | Read online
  11. When and How to Respond with Vegetable Seed Programming  PDF (376 KB)
  12. Vegetable Seed Supply and Selection in Humanitarian Response  PDF (440 KB)

Download the full set as a PDF (2.5 MB), EPUB e-book (for most e-readers, 1.8 MB) or Kindle edition (MOBI, 2 MB).

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