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GAIN Peacebuilding Indicators

CRS began the Globally-Accepted Indicators (GAIN) Initiative in June 2008 to strengthen indicator practice across sectors. GAIN has two main objectives: to improve the quality of indicator selection and use and to contribute to a more efficient M&E design process. GAIN is comprised of a series of indicator templates and a library of indicator resources with information to assist project teams in M&E system design, tool development, and in analysis and interpretation of data. This publication includes eighteen Globally-Accepted Indicators (GAIN) that present many of the necessary components and considerations for holistic M&E for Peacebuilding.

Tom Bamat, Aaron Chassy, Clara Hagens, Guy Sharrock

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Introduction v
Increased Equity 1
Social Cohesion 33
Church Action 67
Annex: Illustrative Peacebuilding Indicators 97

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