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Livelihoods in Malawi 

A rapid livelihoods assessment using the Integral Human Development conceptual framework

Beginning in mid-2007, CRS Malawi embarked on a two-year process to develop a 5-year Strategic Program Plan to guide programming for the country office. One of the planned key activities in this process was to conduct a rapid livelihoods assessment to collect and analyze community-level data to begin to understand the constraints affecting the livelihoods of poor Malawians and the opportunities for improving their livelihoods.


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Introduction 1
Methodology 2
Assessment Purpose, Objectives and Outputs 3
The Integral Human Development (IHD) Framework 4
Village Selection 4
Assessment Preparation Workshop 6
Data Collection Process 6
Key Information Targeted in the Assessment 7
Data Analysis 8
Key Findings 9
Village Descriptions 10
Major Livelihoods Clusters 18
Major Livelihoods Issues & Opportunities at the Village Level 26
Major Food Security Issues and Opportunities Specific to Livelihood Clusters 31
Notable Similarities and Differences Between the Villages Surveyed 33
Observations Relative to Gender 33
Summary of Major Findings to Consider in Strategic Planning 35
Targeting People 36
Targeting Locations 36
Intervention Themes 37
Additional Research 38
Additional Information Needed to Inform Programming 39
Future Assessments 41
Lessons for Future Assessments 42
Concluding Remarks 43
Annex A: 2008 IHD Assessment Field Teams 44
Annex B: CRS Malawi IHD Assessment Field Process Guide 45

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