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A User's Guide to Integral Human Development

Practical guidance for CRS staff and partners

This guide presents Integral Human Development (IHD) as a central component of CRS’ strategy and an over-arching framework for analysis and program development. It provides practical guidance for applying both the IHD concept and conceptual framework in various types of program planning and evaluation, encouraging a holistic, inclusive and participatory approach to the work we do with partners and the people we serve.

Geoff Heinrich, David Leege and Carrie Miller

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How to Use This Guide v
Part I: Integral Human Development (IHD): The Concept and the Framework
Introduction 1
Section 1: The Concept of Integral Human Development 2
Section 2: The Integral Human Development Conceptual Framework 4
Part II: Application of the IHD Conceptual Framework
Introduction 9
Section 1: Using the IHD Conceptual Framework in Project Design 10
Section 2: Using the IHD Conceptual Framework in the Strategic Program Planning (SPP) Process 16
Section 3: Using the IHD Conceptual Framework to Enhance Multi-Year Assistance Program (MYAP) Design 20
Section 4: Conducting a Participatory Livelihoods Assessment 34
Section 5: Using the IHD Conceptual Framework in Project Evaluations 44
Further Resources
References and Helpful Documents 46
Examples of Livelihood Reports 48
Helpful Websites 49
Glossary of Terms 50
Annex 1: Helpful Tools for use with the Integral Human Development Framework 57
Annex 2: Illustrative Questions to Ask in a Participatory Livelihoods Assessment for an SPP 59
Annex 3: Illustrative Questions to Ask During a Food Security Assessment for a MYAP 61
Annex 4: Standard Format for a Vulnerability Assessment Report (WFP) 67

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