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How-to Guide: Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities

Children with disabilities are one of the most marginalized groups in terms of access to education today. As such, our CRS mission and the principle of Education for All call on all of us to expand our programming in support of quality education for children with disabilities. This guide presents many useful suggestions for ways to do to this. As this guide shows, whatever we do to make education better for disabled children will also make education better for all children.

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Letter from CRS Education Technical Advisors 4
Letter from CRS/Vietnam Coutnry Representative 5
Introduction 6
Glossary 7
1. What Is Inclusive Education? 7
1.1 Education as a Human Right 8
1.2 Assessing Inclusive Education in Developing Countries 8
1.3 How Can Inclusive Education Benefit Everyone? 10
2. Who Are Children With Disabilities in Your Community? 11
2.1 Identifying Children With Disabilities 11
2.2 Identification in Developing Countries 11
2.3 Developing a Survey 12
2.4 CRS/Vietnam's Identification Process 13
3. Building an Inclusive Education Program 15
3.1 Components of a Successful Education Project 15
3.2 How Does CRS/Vietnam Implement Inclusive Education 18
3.3 Sustainability 20
3.4 Policy Advocacy in Vietnam: An Example of Creating a Sustainable Inclusive Education Program 20
3.5 Lessons Learned 20
3.6 Indicators of a Successful Program 21
4. Benefits of Inclusive Education for Children With Disabilities 22
4.1 Benefits for Every Child With Disabilities 22
4.2 Specific Recommendations 22
5. Expansion of Inclusive Education in Vietnam and Beyond 26
5.1 Next Steps for Inclusive Education in Vietnam 26
5.2 Recommendations for Other Countries 27
6. CRS/Vietnam Program Description 27

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