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Historically CRS has worked on many activities related to peace and justice, and in the 1990s the organization began to focus more explicitly on them. This grew in large part out of experiences in East Africa and the Balkans, with the Rwanda genocide being a strong catalyst.

Peacebuilding emerged as one of the organization’s top priorities following a yearlong consultation process that culminated in a World Summit in 2000. The visionary statement that emerged from the summit committed the agency to helping to “build a culture of peace throughout the world based on a foundation of justice and reconciliation.” More.

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Humanitarian Response in Violent Conflict

A new toolbox adapts a sample of 15 indicators from the SPHERE Project’s Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response to be even more conflict sensitive while remaining practical and user-friendly. The toolbox facilitates more intentional collaboration between humanitarian response and justice and peacebuilding program practitioners in the design and implementation of joint programmatic efforts.


Pursuing Just Peace

A practical resource for CRS staff and its church and secular partners that also addresses the wider community of peacebuilding practitioners and those grappling with injustice and conflict.