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Core Program Areas

Agriculture Education Emergencies Health HIV and AIDS Microfinance Peacebuilding Water and Sanitation

Cross-Cutting Areas

Capacity Strengthening Climate Change ICT4D IHD Monitoring and Evaluation Youth

Meet Our Experts

Government Relations and Advocacy

Bill O'Keefe
Bill O'Keefe is vice president for advocacy. He oversees CRS' efforts to change U.S. foreign policy in ways that promote justice and reduce poverty overseas.

Humanitarian Response

Jennifer Poidatz
Jennifer Poidatz is the director of the Humanitarian Response Department. She provides agency-level leadership for programming in emergency preparedness, response and recovery.
Donal Reilly
Donal Reilly is the deputy director of the Humanitarian Response Department. He provides leadership and coordination for response activities.
Megan McGlinchy
Megan McGlinchy provides technical support for food security and livelihoods programming. She leads the Food Security and Markets Team.
Ross Tomlinson
Ross Tomlinson provides technical support in emergency WASH, including program strategy design, staffing and budgeting. He also provides training in emergency WASH.
Ted Henning
Ted Henning leads the design and facilitation of emergency training for CRS and partner staff. He also provides direct support for staffing, structure and staff care.
Seki Hirano provides technical support in emergency shelter and settlement programming. He also provides training in emergency shelter and settlement.

More staff from Humanitarian Response

Vera Kreuwels
Vera Kreuwels provides technical support to shelter- and settlement-related response and recovery programs.
Niek de Goeij
Niek de Goeij provides technical and management support to emergency programs. He is also responsible for mainstreaming ICT applications for emergency programming.
Amy Hilleboe
Amy Hilleboe provides technical support for the design and implementation of disaster risk reduction (DRR) and resilience projects. She conducts training and represents CRS in DRR.
Dina Brick
Dina Brick, as part of the Food Security and Markets Team, provides support for food security crises, with a focus on livelihoods resilience and disaster risk reduction.
Sarah Gilbert
Sarah Gilbert assists with grant and budget management, program design and management, negotiation with partners and service providers, training, and reporting, for emergencies.
John Service
John Service provides representation in key coordination forums and general response support with a special emphasis on supply chain management.
Caroline Brennan
Caroline Brennan leads communications and fund-raising for our emergency responses, as well as capacity building for staff and partners in emergency communications.
Joanna Olsen
Joanna Olsen provides technical support in emergency monitoring, evaluation and accountability during program design and field-level implementation.
Nancy Hearne
Nancy Hearne provides overall emergency programmatic leadership during program start-up. She provides support for assessments and new emergency response and recovery program development.

Fewer staff from Humanitarian Response

Operational Excellence and Systems Integration

Amy Larocque-Rumano
Amy Larocque-Rumano is the director of the Operational Excellence Department, which focuses on advancing the cost effectiveness of overseas operations and improving systems and standards for program support.
Lisa Kuennen-Asfaw
Lisa Kuennen-Asfaw
oversees CRS' award management team, maintains relationships with public donors, and provides support on food security programs and policy issues.
Andrea Rogers
Andrea Rogers provides technical support on applying best management practices to field offices, particularly for financial, risk and information management.
Nicole Baliette
Photo and bio coming soon.
Sergey Hayrapetyan
Sergey Hayrapetyan
is a policy and procedure senior advisor, focusing on balancing risk mitigation efforts with efficiency standards for operational excellence through continuous improvement.
Chhaya Kapilashrami
Photo and bio coming soon.

Program Impact and Quality Assurance

Shannon Senefeld
Shannon Senefeld is the director of the Program Impact and Quality Assurance Department. She oversees the quality and impact of CRS' development programs.

Agriculture and Livelihoods

Shaun Ferris
Shaun Ferris provides support to agroenterprise and value chain analysis, ICT4D for agriculture and farmer skills for market engagement.
Suzanne Andrews
Suzanne Andrews provides technical support to local and regional procurement, and ICT4D with a focus on Farmbook, elearning and GIS tracking.
Mireille Barbier
Mireille Barbier provides technical support to agroenterprise and value chain development and resilience development for vulnerable rural communities.
Rupert Best
Rupert Best provides technical support to rural agroenterprise development, strengthening farmer skills for market engagement and developing CRS' agricultural learning agenda.
Gaye Burpee
Gaye Burpee provides technical support to adaptation of rainfed agricultural systems, soil management, farmer skill development and integration of microfinance & watershed management with sustainable production.
Maria Figueroa
Maria Figueroa facilitates agriculture-related volunteer assignments in East Africa for the USAID-funded Farmer-to-Farmer program.


More staff from Agriculture and Livelihoods

Geoff Heinrich
Geoff Heinrich provides technical support on production systems, climate-smart agriculture, disaster risk reduction and farmer skills for engaging with markets.
Arielle Moinester
Arielle Moinester provides technical support to agroenterprise and urban/peri-urban microenterprise development. Arielle is also a business owner and social entrepreneur.
Michael Potts provides technical support in farming systems (particularly the root and tubers and their seed systems) and animal husbandry and nutrition.
Valerie Rhoe
Valerie Rhoe provides technical support on nutrition-sensitive and gender-responsive agricultural programming.
Tom Shaw
Tom Shaw works with CRS country programs and partners to develop sustainable, cost effective, and affordable financial solutions for poor and vulnerable communities worldwide.
Jefferson Shrive
Jefferson Shriver provides expertise in agroenterprise and value chain development, linking environment and development approaches, food security, and payment for ecosystem services.
Anne Turner
Anne Turner provides technical assistance for extension, with a specialization in integrated pest management and organic agriculture.
Guy Vanmeenen
Guy Vanmeenen helps strengthen the microfinance capabilities of CRS and partner staff. He developed CRS' Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC) program.
Nikaj van Wees
Nikaj van Wees provides technical support for smallholder input supply and farm services, livestock, value chain development, private-sector engagement and market linkages.
Steve Walsh
Steve Walsh provides technical support in integrated seed system assessments and development, partnerships and the economics of seed for smallholder farmers.
Bruce White
Bruce White manages the East Africa Farmer to Farmer Program, which provides short-term volunteer technical assistance from U.S. agricultural experts to assist East African farmers and agribusinesses.

Fewer staff from Agriculture and Livelihoods

Health and Social Services

Chris Penders
Photo and bio coming soon.
Caroline Bishop
Caroline Bishop serves as a senior technical advisor for vulnerable children programming.
Dorothy Brewster-Lee
Dorothy Brewster-Lee specializes in HIV prevention and the care of orphans and other vulnerable children.
Mary Hennigan
Mary Hennigan provides technical advice on issues related to health and nutrition.
Mwayabo J. C. Kazadi
Mwayabo J. C. Kazadi provides technical support and training on HIV care and treatment for program quality improvement.
Lee Losey
Lee Losey is deputy director and senior technical advisor for the CORE Group Polio Project.

More staff from Health and Social Services

Elena McEwan
Elena McEwan specializes in maternal and child health, tuberculosis, malaria and health systems.
Carrie Miller
Photo and bio coming soon.
Suzanne van Hulle
Suzanne van Hulle provides global technical support on malaria prevention and treatment programming.
Kristin Weinhauer
Kristin Weinhauer focuses on health in emergencies, community systems strengthening and home-based, palliative and end-of life care.

Fewer staff from Health and Social Services

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning

Paul Perrin
Paul Perrin is director of Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL). He provides strategic leadership and management of MEAL at the global level.
Hap Carr
Hap Carr helps CRS improve the way it monitors and evaluates its projects and programs by developing or revising agency-wide M&E processes.
T D Jose
T D Jose provides technical advice in the design and implementation of systems that generate high-quality, timely data for evidence-based programming, learning and innovations.
Guy Sharrock
Guy Sharrock advises on applying knowledge management for organizational learning to promote improvements in the quality of programming.

Partnership and Capacity Development

Sarah Ford
Sarah Ford is the director of the Partnership and Capacity Strengthening Unit. She specializes in organizational development, training design and delivery, and nonformal education.
Bob Grabman
Bob Grabman directs a project to improve CRS effectiveness in working with local partners and in strengthening their institutional capacity.
Alberto Andretta
Alberto Andretta specializes in the application of knowledge management and organizational learning to promote institutional strengthening and partnership development.
John Donahue
John Donahue works to improve CRS' partnership and capacity strengthening, which includes establishing the CRS Institute for Capacity Strengthening.
Linda Gamova
Linda Gamova provides technical support on partnership and capacity strengthening and focuses on monitoring and evaluation.

Technical Integration

Aaron Chassy
Aaron Chassy is the director of the Technical Integration Unit and is an expert in integrating peacebuilding, democratic local governance and civic engagement across multiple technical sectors.
Trish Ahern
Trish Ahern provides technical assistance for implementing CRS' integral human development framework and mainstreaming gender integration in CRS programming.
Tom Bamat
Tom Bamat specializes in justice and peacebuilding, including human rights, people-to-people relations, cross-sector project integration, and church/inter-faith initiatives.
Naoko Kamioka
Naoko Kamioka helps strengthen knowledge-sharing on education issues and donor trends, and promotes cross-sectoral collaboration including youth programming, WASH in school and child labor.
Anne Sellers
Anne Sellers provides a broad range of technical support to CRS' education programs, with a particular focus in the areas of food-assisted education, school health, and early childhood development.
Chris Seremet
Chris Seremet provides technical assistance on water supply systems for drinking and irrigation, sanitation and hygiene programs.

More staff from Technical Integration

Vanessa Tobin
Vanessa Tobin is an expert in water and sanitation and in the management of integrated development programs.

Fewer staff from Technical Integration

University Engagement and Research

David Leege
David Leege is director of university engagement and research. He links research partners to CRS programs, develops learning agendas and oversees research efforts.

Resource Acquisition and Donor Engagement

Anna Schowengerdt
Anna Schowengerdt directs CRS' Resource Acquisition Department, and specializes in new business development targeting institutional donors in the international humanitarian and development spaces.
Lane Bunkers
Lane Bunkers is a senior program development officer in the Foundation and Corporate Engagement Unit.
Sarah Cashore
Sarah Cashore is a senior program development officer in the Foundation and Corporate Engagement Unit. She works with foundations, corporations and the field to develop and implement programs.
Tammie Emuron
Photo and bio coming soon.
Jake Hershman
Photo and bio coming soon.
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson the director of Foundation and Corporate Engagement and leads cross-sector partnership development, social impact investing and shared value creation.

More staff from Resource Acquisition and Donor Engagement

Jessica Silverthorne
Photo and bio coming soon.
Madeleine Smith
Madeleine Smith provides technical support for resource acquisition focused on agricultural livelihoods, food security and resilience.
Dan Wortman
Dan Wortman provides strategic leadership and support for the expansion of CRS' portfolio of food security funding, with an emphasis on agriculture, agroenterprise and nutrition.
Betsy Wier
Photo and bio coming soon.

Fewer staff from Resource Acquisition and Donor Engagement