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Empowering the Poor through Sustainable Technology Solutions

March 29–31, 2011

The Lusaka conference Empowering the Poor through Sustainable Technology Solutions was CRS' third ICT4D event (following conferences in Nairobi in March 2010 and Washington, DC, in September 2010). It drew more than 180 CRS staff, solution providers, other development practitioners, donors and local media on day 1. The video below provides an overview of the conference.

Day 1: Review of ICT4D Technologies

Opening Remarks

Carol Bothwell, Chief Knowledge Officer, Catholic Relief Services  DOC
Mary Hodem, Southern Africa Regional Representative, Catholic Relief Services  DOC

Keynote Speaker

Radha Basu, Regis and Dianne McKenna Professor of Science, Technology and Society, Santa Clara University and Chief Executive Officer of the Anudip Foundation:

  • Frugal Innovation for Scaling Social Impact  PPT | PPSX
Speaker Sessions
  • KenCall Farmer Helpline (KenCall)  PPTX | PPSX
  • Mobile Money Transactions and Automating Vouchers for Food Delivery (Mobile Transactions and World Food Program Zambia)  PPTX | PPSX | accompanying video
  • Mobile Decision Tree (D-Tree International)  PPTX | PPSX
  • Regional Agricultural Input Market Information Service (International Fertilizer Development Corporation)  PPTX | PPSX
  • Market on Your Mobile (Esoko Market Information Services)  PPTX | PPSX
  • Better Health Outcomes through Mentoring and Assessment—An Open Source Platform to Improve Healthcare in both Clinic and Community (Dimagi and Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia)  PPTX | PPSX
  • Project Mwana mHealth Initiative (UNICEF)  PPTX | PPSX
  • Last Mile Mobile Solution (World Vision International)  PPTX | PPSX
  • ki-projects M&E Systems (Kimetrica)  PPTX | PPSX
  • Great Lakes Cassava Initiative and Future Directions (Catholic Relief Services)  PPTX | PPSX
  • Agricultural MIS Value Chain Tool for Smallholders (International Institute for Communication and Development)  PPT | PPSX
  • Child Status Index Assessment Tool (Virtual Purple)  PPT | PPSX
Closing Remarks

Carol Bothwell, Chief Knowledge Officer, Catholic Relief Services  PDF

Day 2: CRS ICT4D Technologies

Opening Remarks

Carol Bothwell, Chief Knowledge Officer, Catholic Relief Services  PPTX
  • ICT4D Portfolio (Ognen Plavevski, GKIM)  PPTX | PPSX
  • Overview of GIS in CRS (Kathryn Ramirez, PQSD)  PPTX | PPSX
  • Tracking Haiti Relief and T-Shelter Beneficiaries by GPS and Google Earth Mapping (Laura Dills and Emmanuel Floreal, CRS/Haiti)  PPTX | PPSX
  • Water Information Sharing Platform (WISP) (Chris Seremet, PQSD)  PPTX | PPSX
  • Looking Forward Over the Next 12 Months—Key Learning Messages about GIS Solutions (Kathryn Ramirez, PQSD)  PPTX | PPSX
  • Digital Field Worker and the Minimum Data Set Application (Shaun Ferris, PQSD)  PPTX | PPSX
  • Central African Seed Fairs Barcoding (Charity Coffey, CRS/CAR and Or Dashevsky, GKIM)  PPTX | PPSX
  • Weather Information For Development in Kenya (Ryan Johnson, Accenture Development Partnerships)  PDF
  • PDA Applications in Madagascar and Zimbabwe (Patrick Rakotomahefa, CRS/Madagascar and Isaac Mupamhadzi, CRS/Zimbabwe)  PPTX | PPSX
  • SMS Experience in India, Malawi and Zambia (Deepti Pant, CRS/India, Dr. Jayachandran Vasudevan, CRS/Malawi and James Campbell, CRS/Zambia)  PPTX
  • Improving OVC Programming with Mobile Reporting (Dorothy Brewster-Lee, CRS/Tanzania)  PPTX | PPSX
  • Flip Videos—Go Beyond Your Family Vacation (Mariane Mathia, CRS/JWBG)  PPTX | PPSX
  • Use of Google Docs (Ian de la Rosa, CRS/JWBG)  PPTX | PPSX
  • Traditional Pens vs. Digital Pens for Large Surveys (Emmanuel Floreal, CRS/Haiti)  PPTX | PPSX

Day 3: Master Classes and Hands-On Demos