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HIV is one of the largest and most complex threats to human health the world has ever known. Great stigma compounds already tragic physical consequences. And in the developing world, poverty itself is both a cause and an effect of a pandemic that is devastating the physical, social, and economic health of entire regions.

People around the world continue to suffer and die from this disease, which often robs them of family, social networks, and ways to make a living. Young women bear the greatest risk of infection and the burden of caring for the ill. But many people have found ways to live with dignity despite their HIV status, and CRS works to replicate that success. More.

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  A self-report measure meant for individuals aged 13-18 that provides a fast, easy method of securing data about the overall wellbeing of children in OVC programs. HTML | PDF | e-book (EPUB) | Kindle (MOBI) | Flash




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