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Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems

The complexity and diversity of communities that rely on aquatic agricultural systems means that there can be no single blueprint solution to the challenges they face.

The CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems is a multi-year research initiative launched in July 2011. The program takes a new approach to agricultural research that embraces an innovative view of how to achieve development in agricultural systems. The Program will be a catalyst for innovation in aquatic agricultural systems that build networks of knowledge, learning and influence. Led by WorldFish, a member of the CGIAR Consortium, the program is partnering with diverse organizations working at local, national and global levels to help achieve impacts at scale.

From the inception of AAS, CRS participated in the design of the program. More recently, we have been active in the program’s roll-out in some of the research hubs. CRS also participates as a member of the Program Leadership Team.

At present, the work of CRS and our partners in agriculture overlaps with AAS’ geographic focus areas in 3 of the 5 hubs identified for the roll out of the program. These are in located Zambia, Cambodia and the Philippines.

CRS’ partnership with AAS is particularly attractive because of the program’s emphasis on ‘research in development’. This approach challenges traditional paradigms about how research is conceived and delivered. More specifically, the research that will be undertaken on partnerships, gender equity and M&E is of particular importance. We are convinced that this research will produce results of relevance for improving our and our partners’ agricultural programming performance.

Full details of the AAS CGIAR Research Program can be found at